It’s a fact; I like facts!

For example, did you know pigeons have been carrying messages for people since 500 B.C.E.! (That's a long time ago.)

It’s also a fact that I really, really, really love laughing! (I hope my books makes you do that!)

I am 8 here. I am celebrating that I didn't

throw up on the sail boat.

Halloween. My sister is the toilet and I am the sink. (THANKS, DAD!)

My name is Gesar.

Our beloved dog, Pepito

I love ping-pong

Me at 14 with my cat, Spot.

More facts about me:

  • Pigeons: They do live next door. (Go to KIDS & STUFF Page to see a video!)

  • School: It was sometimes hard, but I did learn to raise one eyebrow (that took some practice). 

  • Fan Letter: When I was 11, I wrote a fan letter to Judy Blume. She sent me a signed picture. (Sadly, I don’t know what happened to it.) 

  • Teaching: I taught kindergarten and third grade at the wonderful Jackson Street School in Northampton, Massachusetts. I also live there. (Not in the school, but in Northampton.)

  • Back to Pigeons: Once there was a chicken living with them. (I’ve got cool neighbors.) (Go to KIDS & STUFF Page to see a video!)

  • Some Things I adore:

1. Laughing. Things that make me laugh: Improv comedy, Marcell the Shell, my husband, kids, and, of course, farts.

2. Connecting with readers through letters, email, and school or virtual visits is also high on my list. (Kids are cool.)  

3. Toast.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ME: Please write. (I believe I can answer almost anything about myself, but if I can’t I’ll ask someone who can.)